Merida Festival - Día de los Reyes (January 2014)

merida festival

Festival de la Ciudad

This year marks Merida’s 472st anniversary. It is a month long event. During this time you can participate in the daily activities organized and sponsored by the Mexican government. All the activities are entrance free.

More than a 1,000 artists in more than 200 events from January 6 to 31, 2014 will deck out the celebrations for the 472st anniversary of the founding of Merida, Yucatan.

With an expected attendance of approximately 250,000 people for all the events, The Festival de la Ciudad recovers and strengthens our folklore, combining it with the talent of local and artist from the invited guest country of Colombia.

There are more than 20 different cultural activities to choose from. Art expositions, classic ballets to Salsa dancing in the streets and free concerts at the main plaza.


"January is probably the best month to visit Merida. We celebrate the anniversary of the founding of the city and Dia de los Reyes"

merida festival
Día de los Reyes

January 6 Dia de los Reyes (Day of the Kings) is celebrated by exchanging Christmas presents just as the three wise men presented gifts to Jesus Christ. This day culminates the Mexican Christmastime festivities. Children write letters to the three kings requesting a toy or gift that they would like. On the night of January 5th, the figures of the Wise Men are placed in the nativity scene. Children will leave out their shoes with grass or hay to feed the Three King´s camels.

rosca de reyesDia de los Reyes is traditionally celebrated with a “Rosca de Reyes” (crown of kings). A Rosca is wreath shaped sweet bread with no center. It is decorated with dried or candied fruits and sprinkled with sugar. It can be filled with cream cheese as well, but what makes it special is that it contains a few little plastic baby Jesus toys. Family and friends will gather to eat the Rosca de Reyes. The person that ends up with a piece of rosca with one these little figurines inside must host a party on February 2, Day of the Candles or Dia de la Candelaria. The host traditionally serves tamales at this celebration.

mexican celebrationEvery year, the hotels located near the institute, break the Guinness record by preparing the biggest Rosca de Reyes in the world. Our students and their teachers walk to where this event takes place. For just 20 pesos they have a slice of the Rosca, some chocolate and get to witness the record breaking event in person.



mexican beachThe weather in Merida during the winter is the best! The weather in January is very mild the average temperature is around 78 - 80 degrees Fahrenheit. With no humidity and very occasional rains, it is a great time to walk around the city and visit all the beautiful buildings in downtown Merida or visit the beach just 30 minutes away.


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