The Name “Uxmal” means: “That which was built three times” or “Place of abundant harvest” and is located 78 km from the city of Mérida along the highway to Campeche.

The Mayas channeled their social energy into construction, creating fabulous buildings.

Uxmal is the site of one of the most representative constructions of this style: “The Governor’s house”, holding in its elliptical form a large number of enigmas still to be discovered, is considered by experts as a wonder of the ancient world for its precision and architectonic beauty.

The Majestic structure invites the visitor to discover all the revelations of the different constructions of this amazing civilization.

For these and many other reasons, Uxmal was declared Patrimony of the Humanity. Explore Uxmal, discover an ancient and fascinating culture like the Maya, and embark on a journey that crosses cultures and transcends time.

This Trip includes a visit to the Archaeological site during the afternoon (day light) and then a light and sound show during the night.

This show describes a Mayan wedding while lights iluminate the piramid, transporting you to the old days and making you feel like you are actually taking part in the ceremony.

*The trip includes:
- Transportation
- Bilingual guide
- Meal after the visit
- The entrance fee to Uxmal is not included. ($213 mexican pesos USD $12 approximately).