The City with the perfect Balance...

When we decided to open the Spanish Institute in Mexico, we chose had to be a perfect balance between History, Culture, Traditions, and Comfort. It had to be safe, clean, and the living had to be inexpensive.

The Spanish spoken in the area should be pure, with no accents or significant intonation. The inhabitants must be friendly to and welcoming of all our students.

The location had to have an international airport so it would be easily accessible for everyone. Finding such a city with all these qualities existing together seemed impossible.

Then we found Mérida.

...The City of Mérida

Mérida achieves the perfect balance of history, culture, contemporary style, traditions and economic prosperity to make your learning experience as fruitful, unique and comfortable as possible.

Breathtaking pyramids, historic haciendas, markets of indigenous hand-crafted goods and colonial churches exist here alongside modern shopping malls, wireless internet, VIP movie theaters and satellite television. Mérida’s rich variety is not limited to the physical city but extends to its people as well. Many locals speak Mayan as their first language and others speak more than three different languages.

There is never a lack of diversion as Mérida offers a wide selection of entertainment, whether you want to explore a wonder of the world, spend your weekend at the beach, go ice-skating or attend the opera on a Friday night. With wonderful people, clean streets, no political problems, an impressively low crime rate and a great quality of living, Mérida is the kind of city that will make you wish you could stay here forever.


History of the City

Merida Contemporary