Merida Contemporary

MeridaWhile Mérida is world-famous because of its history, friendly people and culture, it is also the economic center of Southeastern Mexico - a balance between the old and the new that is represented in many ways throughout the society.

On one hand, Mérida is the capital of the ancient Mayan World and on the other, a modern and dynamic city.

With close to a million inhabitants, the city is large enough to not only surpass your needs, but also satisfy your desires, and small enough to travel among Mérida’s prime spots in a short period of time.

MeridaThanks to its economic prosperity, Mérida is not only the safest city in Mexico, it also ranked second in a survey of cities with the best quality of life in the country (conducted in 2007 by the Reforma Newspaper).

Some of the best beaches along Mexico’s gulf coast are located only 18 kilometers (11.2 miles) north of the city on a brand new highway.

The city has a modern airport located within 6 kilometers (5 miles) from the downtown area. There are direct flights from Houston, Miami and Atlanta.

Mérida has a first-rate infrastructure and excellent services. The Institute is located within walking distance from hospitals, consulates, hotels, restaurants, travel agencies, car rentals, banks, exchange houses, convenience stores and more.