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Learn Spanish in Mexico - Awarded Spanish Program

If you are serious about learning Spanish... The Spanish Institute is a highly regarded Spanish Language School specialized in teaching the Spanish language and its culture through a 3 or 4 week Intensive Immersion program in Mexico.

Our students learn from the outset to think and express themselves in Spanish as they participate in our exceptional Award Winning Academic Curriculum and wide variety of extra curriculum activities.

Mérida is Mexico's Best Kept Secret

Located in the Yucatan Peninsula, far away from the northern border, Merida is the SAFEST city in Mexico.

It is consider the City with the Best Quality of Life according to a survey carried out by the Reforma Newspaper Group.

Come discover a world-class city hidden at the heart of the ancient Mayan World.

Watch a video of Yucatan

"Mexico en la piel"

(Mexico on your skin)

News from Mérida!

June 2017
Valladolid's History
Be part of the staging of the \"First Spark of the Revolution\" in Valladolid on Saturday, June 3rd

May 2017
Video mapping at Merida's Cathedral
Enjoy this amazing light and sound show on Saturdays at 9 p.m

Maarch 2017
Spring Equinox
The Chichen Itza Spring Equinox is a stunning event featuring Mayan history and archeology that takes place in Chichen Itza. Every year during the autumn and spring equinoxes the light of the sun ma ...

October 2011
- Come celebrate Hanal Pixan with us!

September 2011
- Watch a video from 201 Anniversary of the Mexican Independence.

July 2011
- UCLA students @ The Spanish Institute- Shakira free concert on July 16th.

March 2011
- Former student meets Presidents Calderon and Obama after writing an article about Merida.
- Witness the Equinox at Chichen Itza.
- The Merida 2011 Carnival.

February 2011
- Headhunters from UN visit local Universities.

January 2011
- Merida "Ciudad de la Paz"


Learn Spanish for Life ™

Our theme of "Learn Spanish For Life™" signifies the intention to master real-life-applicable Spanish through a learning process that fits conveniently into your life as well as an educational focus that meets your needs.

We accomplish these objectives with our native speaker instructors, flexible learning environment, and custom-developed educational plans.

Our genuine interest in your fluency sets The Spanish Institute of Merida apart from any other language learning program.

Reasons to Learn Spanish with us




Best Spanish Language School:

Multi-Awarded Course. Educational Excellence Award 2007 by UNESCO. Participation in our program earns academic credits at over 100 universities worldwide and satisfies language requirements for many U.S. government positions.

Unique Location:

Merida is Mexico's best kept secret. Far away from the northern border. Merida is consider the SAFEST city in the country and the second in Quality of Life.

Most Experienced Institution:

We have 25 years of experience and have served 15,000 students from all over the world.

Best Professors:

Each of our teachers has a University degree and many years of experience teaching Spanish as Second Language.

Best Method:

Complete Immersion. We offer small group courses (maximum of 6 students per professor) or 1-on-1 classes for faster results.

100% Interactive Classes:

Communication-Focused. Become fluent in the shortest time possible. Conversation classes of one-on-one interaction are included every day.

Great Opportunity:

Enjoy the warmth of the Mexican culture. Be welcomed by one of our friendly host families. Live a unique experience.

Exciting Trips:

Discover the best that Mexico has to offer. Visit Chichen Itza, Uxmal, the Caribbean and natural Cenotes.

Best Facilities:

Great location, air conditioned classrooms, large desks, comfortable chairs, wi-fi, computer lab, cafeteria and more.

Worldwide Recognized Diploma:

We are the only Mexican school specializing in Spanish language instruction to be fully accredited by the Mexican Ministry of Education. Our program is consistent with ACTFL standards, as well as the Common European Framework Guidelines for Languages.

Affordable Prices:

We provide an "All-Inclusive Program". Duration of the program can be adjusted to fit your availability; attend for as many weeks as you choose, starting from one week.

Best Overall Experience:

Live this Once in a Life time experience. 98% of our former students recommend us.