Why Us?

The Spanish Institute of Mérida is a well established Spanish Language School with a proven methodology and a great atmosphere for learning Spanish. You will live the Spanish language and culture up to 16 hours a day. All our professors have college degrees and a vast teaching experience.

The Spanish Institute of Mérida offers:

Comparison to other Programs:

The Spanish Institute of Mérida offers 30 hours a week of instruction; more than any other well know Spanish Language School.

With NAFTA in place for several years now and a growing Hispanic population in the US, there is a growing demand for individuals that can speak Spanish. Many individuals are falling for language learning gimmicks of the "Learn Spanish in a week" variety.

Students that attend these schools often find themselves learning little or nothing because it takes most individuals about three (3) days to become comfortable and adjust to the new environment. You can not start learning until you are comfortable, and then by the 5th or 6th day they start thinking about going back home. Total about one or two days of instruction.

Other schools that have month long programs accept students every Monday. This practice has a negative effect on the students attending these schools. Every Monday is new student introduction day; teachers have to change their classes to accommodate the new students. Most of the time, much of the vocabulary and grammar that the students have seen will have to be repeated. Total about three days of instruction per week.

Be careful of programs that have one price for the classes and then start adding host family, registration fee, books, excursions, materials, meals, computer use, cost of receiving and sending e-mails, etc. Although the initial price might be enticing in the long run you will pay much more. And many only offer 15 or 20 hours of instruction per week.

Our program includes everything except the round-trip airfare.